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Board President

Born and raised in Central Florida, Michael has seen many historic changes in the area over the years. In the mid 70s, Michael moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked for over ten years before returning to Central Florida. He settled down in the quaint city of Sanford and worked for the Seminole County School Board, where he became an integral part of the community. After a short sabbatical, he began working for Florida Hospital until starting his own business as President of Satine Productions with his partner Brian. In 2016, Michael and Brian founded the official Sanford Pride event to help promote diversity, equality, and visibility in the LGBTQ+ community.


Vice President & Director of Entertainment

Brian comes to Central Florida by way of Naples, the Southwest coastal community, and Atlanta, Georgia. He made his way to Central Florida through his theatrical and entertainment industry background over the last fifteen to twenty years. Around late 2000 Brian became a headliner in one of Sanford’s original gay bars, becoming known to all as Ashley Satine, Queen of Sanford, and it’s thanks to this community connection that he became the co-founder of Sanford Pride. Ashley Satine can be seen performing in various local venues and events such as Art is a Drag, entertaining, supporting, and raising awareness of the challenges in the LGBTQ+ community.







Director of Hospitality

Cherie is a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and a cherished member of the Sanford Pride family. She has lived in the Sanford area for over thirty years and the City of Sanford fell in love with her. Cherie is one of the longest serving Board Members of Sanford Pride and Satine Productions, and has served as Hospitality Chair in one form or fashion over the years. She is happily married to husband Phillip for over five years and enjoys her furry family, Stinky, Oscar, and Callie. Cherie is happy to say she supports the quest for equality for all and her passion drives her to continue to support Sanford Pride as well as Hope and Help, an organization helping to educate the community about HIV/AIDS.


Trans Community Coordinator



Graphic Designer & Website Manager

Adam has been good friends with Mike and Brain for 8 years and supports their cause. After attending Orange Technical College for Graphic Design he began working with Sanford Pride in 2018 to help rebrand and promote the event. He works fulltime at a sign shop, but is working on becoming his own boss running his own business called Skitch Creative.  He provides graphics for print and web. His newest projects can be followed on Facebook or visit his website at


Volunteer Coordinator



LGBTQ+ Youth Coordinator

Santa has an extensive background in social work, providing services for many years in New Jersey in many roles. She held the position of Community Development Specialist, working with parents raising children with severe emotional and mental health challenges.

Santa recently started a support group for LGBTQ+ youth in Sanford and looks forward to growing this project. Family time, international travel, and reading are a few of her favorite hobbies. Along with her husband, Santa is raising an adult daughter with Down’s Syndrome. Santa also has a son and four grandsons.


Member at Large

Nicke Coco is a wife and a mom of seven children, and she is proud that her family touches every color of the rainbow. As part of her parenting journey, she has been a proud and vocal LGBTQ+ advocate. Nicke has dedicated herself to the youth of our community as a group facilitator and as a board member of the Orlando Youth Alliance. Additionally, she has chosen to focus on the mental well-being of the community through her study of psychology. It is her ultimate goal to show the same understanding, guidance, and support to the children and families of our community, as she does her own.


Communications and Publication Coordinator

Sarah met Mike and Brian through her partner and is inspired by their enthusiasm. She is also the coordinator for the Paws for Pride area for Sanford Pride and hopes to include all kinds of education, adoption, and fun merchandise in the event this year. Working as a Vet Tech/Receptionist for several years furthered her passion for caring for both pets and natural wildlife. She lives happily with her husband Adam and their two collie mixes, Skitch Patterson and Emma Watson.




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